Our workshop located in Xiamen, which is a beautiful port city in east coast of China. It’s an ideal tourist destination with abundant tourist attractions such as islands, mountains, temples and parks. We love this city is not only because this is a beautiful place, the main reason is we have family here and a bunch of guys gathered together who shared enthusiasm about outdoor gears.



 We are hikers and campers, for over 10 years, we learned how to make gears better from trails on mountains, canyons, glaciers. We know more things from the hikers’ experience and feed backs, because we believe that the truth stem from doing. We have been improving gear quality, durability and performance while keeping a relative low price, we wish all hikers around the world could afford the professional ultralight gear.



We have advanced modern textile equipment, we use computer modeling, laser techniques and hot-fit enforcement to made tent and backpacks. Our craftsmen worked in sewing for over 20 years.

We are required by EU law to collect Value-Added Tax (VAT) when process the payment , and customers will not have to pay at the time of receipt.