We are hikers, for over 10 years, we learned how to make gears better from trails on mountains, canyons, glaciers. We know more things from the hikers’ experience and feed backs, because we believe that the truth stem from doing. We have been improving gear quality, durability and performance while make it affordable, we wish all hikers around the world could enjoy the ultralight hiking.

Our backpacks and tents are made by experienced craftsmen. Most of them have more than 20 years of experience in sewing backpacks and tents. With the help of computer modeling and laser cutting, we make these handicrafts more exquisite.

They are also the disappearing generation. Most of today’s young people are unwilling to engage in sewing work. Our career is not only helping hikers all over the world, but also helping them. We provide free food, commercial insurance and pension for each of our workers, so that they do not have to fear the future. Furthermore, this is the reason why our products are so exquisite.