Folding Tribe Wood Stove 2.0


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Super fast assemble, very convenient wood burner, ideal stove for hot tent camping!

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※Hot Tent Wood Stove
※Super fast assemble and package in 5 min.
※Warm your hot tent in winter camping.
※Fuel: wood and coal.
※Essential piece of camping kit if you like a hot cuppa, soup, coffee etc.


Body weight: 2440g / 5.38 lb
Package weight: 3000 g (including storage bag) / 6.6 lb
Storage size: 42cm x 24cm  / 16.53in x 9.4in
Body size: 37*17*18cm / 14.57*6.69*7.09 in
Chimney length: 2.5m


Fabric:304 stainless steel
Storage bag:1000D nylon


a. Side Panel b. Chimney Base Ring
c. Cover Screw d. Spark Filter
e. Chimney Fix Ring f. Top Cover
g. Stove Body h. Chimney Base
g. Chimney


※Please pay attention to fire safety when using wood stove. Keep away from flammable and explosive things, keep children away from the stove.
※Due to the characteristics of the material itself and transportation issues,There may be a few scratches on the surface, which will not affect subsequent use and installation.
※After the first use, there may be slight deformation and burn marks. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect subsequent use and installation
※It is recommended to use a soft cloth dampened with water or detergent for cleaning hot tent wood stove.

Additional information

Weight 4000 g
Side Window

With Glass Panel, No Glass Panel, Only Glass Panel(must using with stove)


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