By Yu

The Lanshan series is a non-free standing tent supported by trekking poles. Since there is no tent pole support, the Lanshan tent can be set up in many different forms by changing the position of the stakes. You can raise or lower the tent according to your own situation, but this also brings a problem, how to set up a ” standard ” form of tent?

In order to solve the problem of standard construction, we designed the Lanshan tent with four positioning cords, which can be found in the four corners of the interior floor and are not elastic. You can find the four non-stretch yellow ropes at the corners of the interior floor. Using the cords to determine the location of the stakes is the key to setting up the Lanshan tent.

Next I will demonstrate how to set up the Lanshan 2 Pro tent, this method is also applicable to Lanshan 2, Lanshan 1 and Lanshan 1 Pro.

First we will lay the tent on the ground, the tent is hexagonal, in order to make it look rectangular, you can temporarily stack the Fly’s vestibule on the Interior, this will make it easier for you to observe whether the set up is standard.

It should be noted that the positioning rope should be straightened and on the extension line of the long side of the interior floor, which is about 90 degrees from the short side of the interior floor.

The one shown in red is the positioning cord.

This is based on the four positioning cords to lay down four stakes. Then hang the four corners of Fly on the four stakes.

Both Fly and Interior have been linked to four ground stakes.

The stakes of the vestibule are at the midpoint of the long side of the Interior (you can see a ring here), a distance of 1.2 meters/47inch, which the same as the width of the Interior, and according to this distance you lay two stakes on each side of the tent.

Anywhere between 1 meter and 1.5 meters is fine, no need to measure precisely.

The rest is easy, adjust your trekking poles to between 115cm-125cm, install the poles, fix the guy line on both sides of the vestibule to the stakes and tighten them.

You can see that by doing this, even if you don’t make any adjustments, the tent is in perfect shape.

Finally, don’t forget to fix the guy line at the head and tail of the tent before you enjoy camping. As you can see, the interior of Lanshan 2 Pro is very spacious.